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She Funs 舒薰活樂

2019 Smart Design Award Merit

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 “She Funs” likes a family heirloom passing down from the previous generation related to the word “heritage”. It is made by the second-career women, who inherit the craftsmenship to leverage the fabrics passed from the elderly along with traditional formula of warm pack and handbag to make the product with the hope of passing warmth, health and happiness to everyone.​​​​

使用方法 Instructions:


Remove the outer scarf and put the inner bag into the 800W microwave for one minute

或預熱焗爐170°C關掉,再將內袋 放入等十分鐘,

Or preheat the oven to 170°C, then put the inner bag in the waiting for ten minutes.


Then put it in the outer scarf or towel to put it sore or tired position.

注意 Notice:


The inner bag can not be placed directly on the skin after heating.

不使用時需放於陰涼位置,並需保持乾爽 Keep in a cool place when not in use and keep it dry

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