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透過熟識縫紉的義工,為社區長者提供定期免費改衫服務,並透過縫紉期間與長者交流 ,讓他們感受社區關懷。




"Clothes Alteration Free to Elderly" service (named "CAFE")


SewMate - who learn sewing skill to provide clothes alteration services to elders for free.  Let’s care of the elderly.


To be SewMate volunteers: Mature, caring and willing to share time to serve community elder

1+1 關心卡

Sew On Studio 承諾將部分銷售收益,用作支持『識繨耆會』服務,為社區長者提供改衣服務,並將顧客的關心卡轉交受惠長者。隨產品附上關心卡一張,讓顧客在關心卡寫下祝福語句送給『1+1』服務的受惠長者,讓他們感受社區關懷。


1+1 CAFE Card


Sew On Studio promise to use part of its revenue to support the "Clothes Alteration Free to Elderly" service (named "CAFE") which is provide clothes alteration services to elders for free. 


Every purchase will attach a "1+1 CAFE card".  Recommending customers write down their blessing sentence on the CAFE card, than we will pass the "1 + 1 CAFE card" to those elderlies who are benefited by CAFE service. Let’s care of elderly.

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